3 Team Styles and Employee of The Month

Employee of The Month


The progressing and future-oriented companies often have sophisticated strategies for the motivation of their employees in order to enhance the magnitude and quality of their productivity. One of the ways of doing so is to evaluate the monthly performance of the workers and choose “Employee of the Month”.

The best performer of the month can also be appreciated by the online display of their image, progress level of different skills and a precise description about their personality, hobbies, likes & dislikes and attitude. Containing all these features, you are being provided with a powerful “Employee” Visual Composer element. 

Team 1 - The People Who Will Serve YouYour Slogan Text Here

Team 2

Our Team

Team 3

    Our Team Shortcodes

    The Our Team shortcode has as many as three styles any of which you can utilize for the effective management of your team members on any page of your theme. However, on each of these designs, you will be experiencing unique and highly attractive mouse-hover effects and awesome graphics.

    Team 1

    It is a full width layout which supports a slider and displays four images at a time. However, with the help of CarouFredSel slider, you can view all the available images. As you bring cursor over any of the images, different items become visible including social media icons, some of the description about the post and an icon for reading the entire team member details on a new page.

    Team 2

    In this full-width layout as well you will see a CarouFredSel slider. The peculiarity about this Our Team style is that the descriptive text about a particular team member is also displayed below each of the images. However, date (with day, month and year) and designation of the team member are displayed on the bottom of the image itself.

    Team 3

    Stretching across three grids, this simple but stylish Team 3 design can not only be featured on content area of the page but you can also use it as a sidebar. Here as well, you have yet another style of mouse-hover effects.