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Product lineup from Ø1.0 mm balloon

Excellent crossability in CTO or calcified lesions with its very low entry- and balloon-profile that has never achieved before.


New Coating Featured (TR2 Coating)

Outstanding 1st-cross & re-cross performance as well as smooth trackability.


Effective for KBT and downsizing with 2.3 Fr shaft.

  • The 2.3 Fr shaft is adopted for IKAZUCHI Zero with balloons from Ø 1.5 mm to Ø 2.75 mm.
  • The RX lumen length is optimized in accordance with balloon size.
    Lumen Length 250mm: Ø1.0mm, Ø1.5mm, Ø3.0mm
    Lumen Length 270mm: Ø2.0mm to Ø2.75mm